Designed by nature.
Crafted by hand.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Solé Shades warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of five (5) years from the original invoice date. Solé Shades agrees, at its option during the warranty period, to repair any defect in material or workmanship or to furnish a new or refurbished product of equal value in exchange without charge. Such repair or replacement is subject to verification of the defect or malfunction. During the first year of use, Solé Shades will cover, at its option, the cost of a trip charge or shipping the item(s) to our factory for repair.  After the first year, the trip charge or shipping charges will be the responsibility of the end user. Solé Shades warrants all metal, plastic and wood components against manufacturer’s defects for a period of 5 years. Solé Shades warrants all fabrics, woven goods and other rolled goods against manufacturer’s defects for a period of 5 years. Solé Shades warrants the workmanship such as gluing, taping, and sewn seams against failure for 5 years.

Warranty Limitations

This warranty does not include:
  • Any condition resulting from other than ordinary residential wear or any use for which the product was not intended, such as use in rentals or commercial use of non-commercial grade products.
  • Any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance or care.
  • Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents or shipping damage
  • Dissatisfaction due to buyer’s remorse
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Failure to follow installation, care and maintenance instructions
  • Damages incurred during transportation
  • Damages incurred during installation or maintenance
  • Any used or previously installed item
  • Shipping charges, cost of removal and reinstallation
  • Exposure to the elements (sun damage, wind, water/moisture) and discoloration or fading over time. Solé Shades cannot warrant against fading caused by sunlight as this varies greatly with each location and material. Providing a UV coating on windows and using the recommended linings can help to deter fading over the lifetime of your product.
  • Solé Shades cannot warrant against stretching or wrinkling of fabrics. Some fabrics, such as 100% Linen, are prone to stretching and wrinkling. These imperfections are considered part of their natural beauty and cannot be changed.

*If you have questions or concerns about stretching, wrinkling or fading of your selected fabrics, please contact Solé Shades prior to fabrication

*Rolled goods are manufactured in ‘dye lots’. Meaning the goods purchased for your finished products may not match exactly with replacement goods ordered at a later time. Solé Shades will attempt to match your dye lot as closely as possible with the goods that are available at the time of repair. Solé Shades will not be responsible for matching dye lots on repaired products.

Claim Procedures

  • Contact your original dealer or place of purchase for warranty assistance.
  • Claims for missing parts must be made within 60 calendar days after the merchandise is received
  • Claims for defective merchandise returns must be packed in original packaging. Contact Solé Shades for an RMA for defective merchandise. Pictures and a copy of original invoice may be required to obtain an RMA. A shipping label will be provided within the first year after purchase.
  • If Solé Shades deems the request to fall under warranty, the items will be repaired or replaced or a credit will be issued at our discretion. It is our policy that repair is the first option and replacement or credit will only be issued if we are unable to repair the item.
  • If you are not the original owner, we may be able to provide you with repair parts or perform repairs at a fee.


  • This product contains accessible cords on the back. Accessible cords on the back of Roman Style shades can be pulled out to form a loop, which can STRANGLE a young child.
  • Children can climb furniture to access lift cords. Move cribs, playpens and other furniture away from window coverings.
  • Young children can STRANGLE in a cord and bead chain loops. They can also wrap cords around their necks and STRANGLE.
  • Always keep cords and bead chains out of children’s reach.
  • Move cribs, playpens, and other furniture away from cords and bead chains. Children can climb furniture to get to cords.
  • Do not tie cords together. Make sure cords do not twist together and create a loop.
  • Attach tension device to wall or floor. This can prevent children from pulling cords and bead chains around their necks.
  • Do not remove looped cord from cord shroud.

What people say?

I fell in love with the natural textures of woven shades. It took me two years to find just the right raw materials, and create the unique pattern and dyes. This isn’t just my business. It’s my passion.

Pegah Grossi, Sole Shades Founder