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Designed by nature.
Crafted by hand.

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Solé Shades is a designer and supplier of custom window coverings and globally sourced textiles, distinguished by its made-to-order approach. Having grown up in cotton textile mills, Creative Director Pegah Grossi founded Solé Shades as a high-end drapery nearly 20 years ago alongside her mother, Ferdos, garnering acclaim for their meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. After procuring the finest fabrics from around the globe and collaborating with prestigious designers, Pegah launched her first collection of natural woven textiles, and has since added more than 200 materials — from jute to linens, velvets, and even a variety of wools.

Seeing a need for start-to-finish customization, Solé Shades later acquired Pacifica Iron to craft artisan hardware and powder coating in house, establishing the brand as a singular destination for window coverings that are both timeless and sophisticated. Whether an interior designer or or discerning homeowner, Solé Shades offers a curated assortment for those seeking unrivaled workmanship, uncompromising quality, and personalized service.


Bespoke window coverings once exclusive to California’s top designers, now delivered coast to coast. Solé Shades offers a curated destination for your every window design need, providing a collection of high-end textiles, artisan hardware, and shade automation, all tailor made in house for yours. Our team sources the finest materials from farmers across the globe and expertly weaves each piece by hand, combining generations of tradition to create timeless styles worthy of your most loved space

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What people say?

I fell in love with the natural textures of woven shades. It took me two years to find just the right raw materials, and create the unique pattern and dyes. This isn’t just my business. It’s my passion.

Pegah Grossi, Solé Shades Founder