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Designed by nature.
Crafted by hand.

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Solé Shades is a boutique, Southern California based manufacturer of custom window coverings.  Our company had its start as a high-end residential drapery workroom founded by Pegah Grossi and her mother, Ferdos, over 20 years ago. A foundation of complex customization and a demanding clientele set the standards of high-quality workmanship and meticulous attention to detail, which remain our hallmarks today.  

After many years of collaboration with prestigious interior designers, Pegah saw a need for a carefully curated, delicately woven line of shade materials that would be on-point with current design trends and on-budget with a wider audience.  Pegah enlisted the expertise of her brother, Pouria.  With decades of experience in the international textiles markets, Pouria introduced Pegah to the farmers, dye houses and weavers overseas who could bring her vision to light.  It took two years of studying fibers and dyes, and exchanging strike-offs with her weavers before Solé Shades launched its first line of natural woven shade textiles.
Since the 2012 introduction of our first line of 28 Natural Weaves, we have added over 250 new materials including Roller Shades, Commercial Sheers, Linens, Linen Look Blends, Wall Coverings and a spectrum of new Natural Weaves.  With an intimate understanding of design markets and how they utilize her products, Pegah has developed a line that is on-trend, versatile and timeless. 

As a custom workroom, we have developed processes for every type of soft window covering imaginable.  We have the capabilities to fabricate all versions of Corded Roman Shades, Roller Shades, Drapery Panels, Panel Tracks, and Top Treatments as well as the ability to build in motorization and integration of all types.  In 2015 we acquired our sister company, Pacifica Iron, adding in-house custom hardware fabrication to our portfolio.  With Solé and Pacifica Iron working hand in hand, we have positioned ourselves as a one-stop-shop for custom window coverings.

Every bolt of fabric and textile is meticulously reviewed. From checking dye lot consistency, to inspecting the spacing of the weave and testing the durability of the thread, we scrutinize our materials before transforming them into window coverings worthy of your client’s environment.  Each window covering is hand-cut and assembled onsite in the Solé studio by highly skilled artisans. Every detail is carefully hand-selected and skillfully applied, right down to the tassels adorning the cords. This attention to detail results in a truly individual window covering, customized to your exact specifications. We love collaborating with designers to create unique results and we invite you to bring us your own ideas so that we can help bring them to life.

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What people say?

I fell in love with the natural textures of woven shades. It took me two years to find just the right raw materials, and create the unique pattern and dyes. This isn’t just my business. It’s my passion.

Pegah Grossi, Solé Shades Founder